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When to Repaint Siding vs When to Replace It

Are you unsure whether or not to paint or replace the siding of your home's exterior?

Siding is a critical part of protecting it from the elements and enhancing curb appeal. As with any material, over time, siding will begin to show signs of wear and tear that may leave you wondering whether it's time for a fresh coat of paint or a complete replacement. Here's a guide to help you decide when to repaint your siding and when to replace it.

When to Repaint Siding:

Faded Colors

Signs: Drastic fading of the siding color due to sun exposure and other weather conditions.

Solution: Repainting can bring the vibrancy of the color back to the siding, making your house look fresh and well-maintained.

Small Cracks or Chips

Signs: Little cracks or chips on its surface, or paint peeling off.

Solution: In case the damage is superficial and not jeopardizing the strength of the siding, a proper cleaning and a new coat of paint will close and protect the surface.

Routine Repainting

Signs: If it's been a few years since your last coat of paint and your siding looks dull or rundown.

Solution: Repainting every 5-10 years can keep the appearance of the siding looking fresh and provide longevity to it, depending on the material and local climate.

Preventive Coating

Signs: There's no damage to speak of, but you want to make sure you keep that weather- and critter-proof barrier up.

Solution: A new coat of paint can act as a preventive layer to avert your siding from getting damaged in the future.

When to Replace Siding:

Large Cracks, Warping, Rotten

Signs: Large cracks or warping, rotting, or large damage on the siding compromising the structure.

Solution: Replacement is necessary when the siding is beyond repair and cannot adequately protect your home.

Water Damage

Signs: There is evidence of water infiltration in mold, mildew, or rot on or behind the siding.

Solution: Water damage is usually a severe problem and might need you to replace some parts or even the whole affected siding to ensure that you don't experience other problems.

High Energy Bills

Signs: Energy bills being unnecessarily high due to poor insulation.

Solution: Modern, insulated siding can reduce your home's energy inefficiency compared to older or damaged siding.

Needs Repair Often

Signs: Always repairing and maintaining the siding to keep it in good condition.

Solution: If you are constantly repairing your siding, it could be cheaper to just replace it entirely.

Aesthetic Improvement

Signs: Wanting to improve the look of your home or increase market value.

Solution: Replacing the siding may provide your home with a new look and probably increase its resale value.


The choice of whether to repaint or replace your siding depends on the nature of the damage and your long-term objectives for your home. If most of your siding is intact and just showing a few signs of wear, a new paint job might be the cost-effective solution for a refreshed appearance. On the other hand, if there are structural issues or if you're considering energy efficiency and aesthetic improvement, it may be best to replace the siding.

Contact Rivera Construction to inquire which option best suits your home. We can either assist in painting your home's exterior or replacing the siding to give your home a fresh, new look. Also, consulting with a pro will enable you to analyze the condition of your siding to make the most fitting decision for your home.

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